What is the connection between science and cooking?

The culinary world provides a rich set of examples for engaging students essential concepts in the physics sciences, as demonstrated by the Science and Cooking course at Harvard. Each week combined lectures by world-famous chefs and Harvard professors with edible experiments in lab, culminating in indpendent research projects by teams of students at the end of the semester.
Although the course itself is currently only available to Harvard undergraduates, the public lectures are all freely available to watch on-line. Click on the thumbnails below for links to the videos and summaries of the key lessons:

Photo credits: Eater.com (Arnold, McGee; Rovira; Ruscalleda; Myhrvold), Tracy Chang (Yosses), Havard Magazine/LL (Roca), Ernest Kim (Andres, Dufresne, ATK, Tejedor, Chang)

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