Gelation and Heat Transfer

Jose Andés (ThinkFoodGroup)
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Public Lecture 07 (2012)
Key Lesson: (Review). The students has a midterm this week, so there were no new topics.
José Andres discussed the role of science in pushing the boundaries of cuisine, inlcuding his projects in Haiti and the reopening of minibar.

Highlights from the lecture

Surface tension can hold water upside down

In one memorable demo, José turned a glass of water upside down -- but the water stayed in place. As he anthroporphized, the water molecules like sticking to each other more than they like being in contact with water, they try to form a shape with the smallest surface area.

Modern techniques can make desserts with more pure flavor

What's wrong with a strawberry mousse? Much of the dessert is cream and sugar - not strawberry. However, using gelatin and an iSi Whip, it is possible to create a pure foam that is almost entirely strawberry.

Haiti has a rich culinary tradition to share with the world

José is seeking to help Haiti, and many other countries, through the World Central Kitchen. One of his projects involves making a solar powered pressure cooker.

America has its own culinary tradition

America Eats serves historical American food. Foods ranging from mac & cheese to milk punch to the Meyer Lemon have their origins in America.

The future of high-end cuisine will incoporate more psychology

The MIT Media Food Lab is exploring ways to individualize the future of haute cuisine and use it to tell stories.

Minibar will reopen
Beyond the lecture

Read more about José's work through the Think Food Group here.