Sous-vide cooking

Joan Roca, Jordi Roca, and Salvador Brugués (El Celler de Can Roca)
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Public Lecture 02 (2012)
Key Lesson: Energy in Cooking. All cooking involves changing the temperature or manipulating the bonds between molecules.
Last week introduced molecules as the basic components of food. Cooking is all about irreversible transformation of these molecules.
This week, we learn about the revolutionary sous-vide techqniue from two of the pioneers in the field: Joan Roca and Salvador Brugués. This technique allows precise control over the transformations that occur in many foods. Jordi Roca uses other types of transformations in his breath-taking desserts.

Overview of this Week's Science

Below are some of the examples of the transformations caused by heat:

Equation of the Week

How much energy must be used to raise the temperature of the food by a given amount?

Beyond the Lecture

Read the original book about sous vide:
Even if you don't have an immersion circulator, you can still experiment with sous vide cooking: